Immunonephrology Working Group (IWG)

Immunonephrology Working Group (IWG) is an official working group of ERA-EDTA ERA-EDTA

The Immunonephrology Working Group (IWG) of the ERA-EDTA was established in 2009 to encourage research, teaching, communication and education in the field of immune system dysregulation.
It includes:
 - Glomerular, tubular, vascular immuno-mediated renal diseases;
 - Immune mechanisms in pathogenesis and progression of renal damage;
 - Immune-mediated damage in kidney transplantation.
The reason behind the creation of an ERA-EDTA WG in immunonephrology
- There are several active groups in this field, competing at international level;
- There are many young people interested in this topic;
- Immunopathology covers an area which Nephrologists need to know and which must have more visibility for the benefit of the entire Nephrology community;
- It is extremely difficult to get financial support from industry for research in this area: a cooperation of all parties involved is needed to attract funds.
Vladimir Tesar (Czech Republic) – Chairman
Mårten Segelmark (Sweden) – Secretary
Hans Joachim Anders (Germany)
Yasar Caliskan (Turkey)         
Pablo Cannata (Spain)
Rosanna Coppo (Italy)
Mohamed R. Daha (The Netherlands)
Giuseppe Grandaliano (Italy)
Renato Monteiro (France)   
Jack Wetzels (The Netherlands)
Liaison with other Societies:
Ettore Sabadini (ISN)
Giuseppe Grandaliano (DESCARTES 2015)