European Renal Nutrition Working Group (ERN)
The European Renal Nutrition working group aims to conduct research on the impact of lifestyle, diet, nutrient homeostasis and protein-enery wasting (PEW) management on chronic kidney disease (CKD) outcomes. European research on this field is already of high quality, but hampered by reduced funding, small patient cohorts and scientific isolation. We aim to create strong and multinational European collaborations to deepen in our understanding of nutrition and CKD complications.
Why we need a renal nutrition working group at the ERA-EDTA, Denis Fouque and Juan-Jesus Carrero, on behalf of the European Renal Nutrition Working Group, ERA-EDTA Follow us - Year 11 Issue 26 May 2015

ERN News

Survey of the IDON-Study on Nutritional Practice in non-dialysis CKD patients


Dear Madam/Sir,

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Survey to define the priority of the topics related to the nutritional treatment in non-dialysis CKD and for having shared the link with your contacts. We truly value the information you have provided.

We are happy to inform you that 1,800 individuals participated in the survey and 1,224 responders completed the questionnaire; the collected information will contribute to the development of best practice programmes to improve the quality of care and outcomes of CKD patients.

The results of the Survey will be presented at the 56th ERA-EDTA Congress in Budapest (Hungary) in the session 'What should CKD patients eat?' scheduled on Friday June 14 at 8.00. The title of the presentation is 'Priorities on nutritional issues in non-dialysis CKD according to stakeholders'.

On behalf of the ERN Working Group we truly thank you for the support and contribution to this ERN/ERA-EDTA initiative.


Vincenzo Bellizzi, Survey Coordinator and ERN Board member
Denis Fouque (Past Chair) and Juan Jesus Carrero (Chair) of ERN Working Group