EURECA-m WG Board Meeting (Paris, February 13-14, 2009)
EURECA-m WG Board Meeting (Barcelona, January 15 2010)
EURECA-m-ESH Symposium held during the 20th ESH Scientific Meeting (Oslo, June 18-21 2010)
EURECA-m WG Board Meeting (Munich, June 25 2010)
EURECA-m SYMPOSIUM (Munich, June 26 2010)
EURECA-m General Assembly (Munich, June 26 2010)
EURECA-m CME COURSE: “Cardiovascular and Renal Medicine: an expanding territory” (Barcelona, November 1-3 2010)
1st EURECA-m Registry Meeting (Vienna, November 11-12 2010)
EURECA-m SYMPOSIUM -in collaboration with ISH- (Prague, June 25 2011)
EURECA-m BOARD MEETING (Prague, June 25 2011)
EURECA-m SYMPOSIUM -in collaboration with ISH- (Prague, June 25 2011)
EURECA-m WG Board Meeting (Paris, December 15 2011)
EURECA-m CME Course: An update on cutting-edge. Cardiovascular and Renal Medicine themes (Paris, December 15-17 2011)
EURECA-m SYMPOSIUM (Paris, May 24 2012)
EURECA-m WG Board Meeting (Paris, May 26 2012)
EURECA-m Board Meeting (Ankara, September 7 2012)
EURECA-m CME Course “Cardiovascular Problems and Solutions in Chronic Disease” (Ankara, September 7-8 2012)
EURECA-m Board Meeting (Lyon, April 5 2013)
EURECA-m CME Course “CKD from physiology to patients: Everything is just metabolism” (Lyon, April 5-6 2013)
EURECA-m Board Meeting (Istanbul, May 18 2013)
EURECA-m ongoing projects update (Istanbul, May 18 2013)
CMEs EURECA-m (Istanbul, May 18 2013)
-Critical reappraisal of cardiovascular end-organ damages  in ESRD
-Interplay of inflammation and CKD-MBD in vascular injury
-Reverse cardiovascular epidemiology in CKD patients
-Renal denervation for treatment of severe hypertension
EURECA-m CME “Therapeutic strategies to address the high cardiovascular mortality of CKD patients” (Amsterdam, May 31 2014)
EURECA-m Board Meeting (Warsaw, July 4 2014)
EURECA-m CME Course (Warsaw, July 4-5 2014)
EURECA-m CME Course (Iasi, September 5-6 2014)
EURECA-m CME “Update in cardiorenal cross-talks (London, May 28 2015)
EURECA-m CME Course “Clinical impact of novel players in CKD progression and CKD complications” (Madrid, September 4-5 2015)
EURECA-m CME Course "A preview of the future in cardiovascular risk management in CKD" (Vienna, May 21, 2016)
EURECA-m CME "Cardiorenal Course program" (Paris - September 16-17, 2016)
EURECA-m CME "Novel therapeutic opportunities to decrease cardiovascular risk in CKD" (Madrid, June 3, 2017)
EURECA-m CME (Taormina, October 2, 2017)
EURECA-m CME (Copenhagen, May 24, 2018)
CME Meeting of EURECA-m and CKD-MBD Working Groups (Thessaloniki, September 12-13, 2018)