EUropean REnal and CArdiovascular Medicine (EURECA-m) working group - See more at: http://working-group.gaflimbo.it/en-US/group/eureca-m#sthash.z7EdPDqp.dpuf

EUropean REnal and CArdiovascular Medicine (EURECA-m) Working Group


Joint the EURECA-m and CKD-MBD CME meeting to be held on September 13-15, 2018 in Thessaloniki (Greece) and focusing on CKD-epidemiology, prevention, progression, pathophysiology, hypertension, diabetes, vascular diseases as well as on End stage renal diseases and dialysis.
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EURECA-m is an official working group of ERA-EDTA

The ERA-EDTA has a large basis of clinicians and investigators interested in the relationship between the kidney and the cardiovascular system.
The large interest on this theme-area among the ERA EDTA membership was the basis for a group of clinical investigators with an interest in the field (Gerard London, Adrian Covic, Danilo Fliser, David Goldsmith, Bengt Lindholm, Alberto Martinez, Gultekin Suleymanlar, Ziad Massy, Alberto Ortiz Arduan, Andrzej Wiecek and Carmine Zoccali) proposing to the ERA-EDTA council the creation of a EUropean REnal and CArdiovascular Medicine (EURECA-m) working group. The council approved this WG and ratified the proposal by the original nucleus to name Carmine Zoccali as the first WG chairman. Carmine Zoccali was then replaced as Chairman by Gérard Michel London in February 2012. Since January 2018 Prof. Francesca Mallamaci took over the Chairmanship of EURECA-m.