"Haemodialysis Update 2018: from basics to advances in the treatment of CKD" at the Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Nephrology (Società Italiana di Nefrologia – SIN), in Rimini (Italy) on October 3, 2018.
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EUDIAL educational session “Improving outcomes for the haemodialysis patient” at 55th ERA-EDTA Congress, Copenhagen (Denmark)
May 24, 2018


EUDIAL Working Group Session at 54th ERA-EDTA Congress, Madrid (Spain)
June 3 2017

EUDIAL Working Group Session at 53rd ERA-EDTA Congress
Hemodiafiltration - the new standard of care?
May 21, 2016
Vienna, Austria

EUDIAL Working Group Session at 52nd ERA-EDTA Congress
The rationale for high volume haemodiafiltration
May 28, 2015
London, UK

EUDIAL Working Group Session at 51st ERA-EDTA Congress (May 31- June 3, 2014): How to deliver higher volume online haemodiafiltration in clinical practice

Chairs: Fatih Kircelli, Istanbul, Turkey
            Claudio Ronco, Vicenza, Italy

Defining convective clearances

Francisco Maduell, Barcelona, Spain

Chairs: Andrew Davenport, London, UK 
            Rukshana Shroff, London, UK

Choosing dialysate and replacement solutions for convective therapies

Fatih Kircelli, Istanbul, turkey
Potential advantages of convective therapies for children
Rukshana Shroff, London, UK

EUDIAL Working Group Session at 50th ERA-EDTA Congress (May 18-21, 2013): Basics for delivering safe and effective HDF

Chairs: Fatih Kircelli, Istanbul, Turkey
             Francisco Maduell, Barcelona, Spain


April 11, 2013
La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain

EUDial Dialysis Study Day
June 13, 2013
UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK

EUDIAL symposium: 49th ERA-EDTA Congress, Paris (France) - Thursday May 24th, 2012 - 15.30-17.00 - Room 351
Recommendations based on available evidence for hemodiafiltration therapy. Report of EuDial working meeting of October 2011.

Bernard Canaud

How to define and quantify hemodiafiltration?
James Tattersall, on behalf of Group 1

How to apply HDF in a safe way? Current safety standards, regulations and guidelines
Richard Ward, on behalf of Group 2

Available clinical evidence for HDF
Menso Nube, on behalf of Group 3 and 4

EuDial, where do we go from here?
Peter J. Blankestijn

EUDIAL symposium : XLVIII ERA-EDTA Congress, Prague (Czech Republic) - Saturday June 25th, 2011 - 14.45-16.15
Program: EuDial - ERA-EDTA Working Group on Dialysis Therapies, focusing on convective therapies.
Chairs: Vanholder R., Wanner Ch.
Canaud B, Blankestijn PJ: Future activities of EUDIAL.
Blankestijn PJ: Randomized clinical trials in Europe evaluating HDF and HD.
Ward R: International standards on fluid preparation for convective therapies.