European Dialysis working group (EUDIAL)

EUDIAL is an official working group of ERA-EDTA

The Council of the European Renal Association-European Dialysis Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) has officially approved the creation of a working group aimed at encouraging research, communicating knowledge, teaching and contributing to education in the field of haemodialysis. The acronym EUDIAL, standing for European Dialysis Working Group, has been chosen to best summarize its activity and mission. The vision and mission of this working group as formulated by the ERA-EDTA are clearly identified to improve outcomes of chronic kidney disease patients by enhancing the quality of dialysis therapies in their broader sense and facilitating collaborative research in this field.
The EUDIAL working group has been established with a core group (Board Members) to launch the activity and the group will be complemented by active members (Ordinary Members) from the European nephrology community based on their scientific interest in the field of dialysis and their wish to contribute to the activities of the working group. The membership for EUDIAL will be opened at the launch symposium during the ERA-EDTA Congress in Prague, where planned activities of the working group will also be presented. It is planned to hold two meetings per year and to report activities at the annual congress of the ERA-EDTA.