Given the increasing scientific interest in convective therapies (hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration), the working group has decided to focusing on convective renal replacement therapies as the first aim. The rationale of this first mission is supported by several facts that include an increasing interest in convective therapies translating in a rapid growth of patients treated by modern versions of these therapies and several reports suggesting an improvement in CKD patient outcomes.
In addition, the European nephrology community has been leading in this field of renal replacement therapy for more than two decades. The concept of ultrapure dialysis fluid introduced in 1987 is now accepted as a standard for all dialysis forms. The European notified bodies have certified water treatment systems and hemodialysis machines for online production of substitution fluid. The European scientific community has launched the first randomized controlled trials comparing outcomes of CKD patients treated either by hemodiafiltration/hemofiltration or conventional hemodialysis. The highest prevalence of CKD patients treated by hemodiafiltration is found in Europe and it is increasing regularly over the time.

The EUDIAL working group has identified four main topics which will be covered and assessed over the next two years:
1. Efficacy
2. Clinical effects and long-term outcomes
3. Safety and regulation
4. Economics.