An European commentary on the new CKD-MBD KDIGO guideline is planned

Bone Biopsy Registry
A bone biopsy registry is being created under the auspices of the CKD-MBD ERA-EDTA Working Group. This project is directed by Dr Pieter Evenepoel
A review paper has been published in our Society's journal Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation on the clinical practice in Europe related to bone biopsy in CKD, based on the results of a recent questionnaire on the subject among European nephrologists.

An EUROD Board Meeting was recently held in Madrid, and it was the first meeting of the board members that were not only nephrologists but also pathologists and endocrinologists. The EUROD initiative aims at revitalizing the bone biopsy policy in renal patients in Europe. Dr Pieter Evenepoel detailed the attendees on the purpose and methods of this new project of the WG. Both incident and prevalent cases will be eligible for inclusion in a registry that is expected to increase our knowledge of bone disease in CKD. Contacts are underway with Companies possibly interested with the project for fund raising.  

Project: Independent contribution of CKD-MBD to mortality risk in CKD patients (Drs M. Vervloet / ZA Massy)
Dr. Vervloet and Dr. Massy are guiding an ongoing evaluation on data from the large EuroDOPPS registry to identify MBD phenotypes with the highest risk for clinically relevant endpoints.

The CKD-MBD working group is cooperating with the European Society of Pediatric Nephrology in order to develop common specific lines of clinical research in the field of CKD-MBD, spanning both pediatric and adult nephrology. Two papers have been recently published in collaboration (see publications section).

The European Renal Nutrition and the CKD-MBD EDTA Working Groups are collaborating and they just published a review on  “Vitamin D Status and its Relationship to Muscle Health and Frailty in Chronic Kidney Disease” and “The role of phosphate in CKD” (see publications section)

  Work on building structure of WG: 
- Create list of skills and personal expertise in centers (including hardware)
- Create overview on potential Collaborative work on research 
- Identify research targets (pre-clinical and clinical) and look for interactions 
- Improve education and exchange plan, identifying staff and fellows
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