• The clinical “syndrome” of CKD-MBD has been recognized as an important contributor to morbidity and mortality throughout all stages of CKD. In the past, research centers have traditionally and individually focused on some isolated aspects of this newly recognized entity. Nevertheless, CKD-MBD is a complex interaction of multiple disturbances finally resulting in heterogeneous sequelae. Thus, a common platform for educational, intellectual and personal-fellow exchange will facilitate research in a field where many efforts are still needed.
  • It was felt that large scale cooperation between centers with special interest in these matters needed improvement in order to achieve a global and translational approach to pathophysiology, prevention and treatment of CKD-MBD. Research targets have not always met clinical needs and some urgent research targets have not still been adequately addressed, specially referring to important hard end-points.

  • Part of this kind of cooperation, such as exchange of expertise including fellow scholar and exchange programs started in 2010 as an international cooperative structure for centers with both scientific as well as clinical interests in CKD-MBD.
  • As a first step, four scientific symposia (Amsterdam 2010, Prague EDTA 2011, Barcelona 2011, Paris EDTA 2012), two Fellow Days - where young fellows had the opportunity to meet and interact with experts in CKD-MBD) and an additional Fellow Training Day 2011 at UDETMA (Atherothrombotic Disease Detection and Treatment Unit), Lleida (Spain), have already been organized.

–In addition, a Supplement to Kidney International (2011) has been published by the core group as a summary report of their joint scientific interests and activities.


Supplement to Kidney International

  • The inaugural meeting of the new ERA_EDTA CKD-MBD Working Group was recently held in Frankfurt, January 10th, 2013.

Before the recognition as a Working Group, and at the time of application submission to the ERA-EDTA Council in 2012, the structure of the founding Core group is represented in the following image, where previous common joint-venture research projects 2011-2012 and collaborative exchange opportunities are also presented:



Aachen: "Effect of paricalcitol compared to 1,25-OH-vitamin D3 on vascular calcification due to increased MGP expression in experimental chronic kidney disease“. PI: Vincent Brandenburg
Amsterdam: "Effect of paricalcitol on klotho expression and its distant effects in vitamin D deficient and uremic rat“. PI: Marc Vervloet
Barcelona: "Renal fibrosis and nucleoside transporters: the role of paricalcitol". PI: Montserrat Díaz y Jordi Bover
Milan: "Molecular and cellular mechanisms involved into the pathogenesis and progression of vascular and ectopic calcification in uremia: in vitro studies". PI: Mario Cozzolino
Stockholm: "Transcriptional and Epigenetic changes induced by paricalcitol, 1,25-OH-vitamin D3 and Klotho in primary renal cells". PI: Tobias Larsson

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