As per the ERA-EDTA regulations for Working groups, the vision and mission of the CKD-MBD Working Group are:

  • To promote and organize pan-European research in the field of CKD-MBD including both basic, translational and clinical research. We thrive for investigator-driven initiatives targeting relevant clinical questions and end-points.
  •  To improve and distribute knowledge in the field of CKD-MBD (appropriate therapies, Guidelines, etc.).
  •  To organize a structured educational process and program for young researchers in the field of CKD-MBD allowing them to start networking and exchange expertise.
  • To collaborate to the organization of educational activities of the ERA-EDTA.


  • To develop training concepts for both clinical as well as research activities throughout Europe.
  • To organize an annual meeting focusing on educational themes and on research proposals.
  • To organize an annual meeting during the annual ERA-EDTA Congress, to be included in the Scientific Program.